Infrabike 40′

CHF 85.00

A 40-minute session is all you need to lose over 1,500 calories. Infrabike is a highly innovative technological concentrate for maximum results in minimum time without tiring you.

Targeted treatment areas such as the abdominals, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves guarantee visible, long-lasting results.

The Infrabike has a powerful collagen lamp that has a direct effect on skin quality! Thanks to the collagen lamp, it stimulates the skin's elastin, reducing the effects of orange peel skin and considerably improving the quality of your skin. More beautiful legs with an immediate anti-ageing effect!

Result: More than 1500 calories burnt in one session, 6 programmes adapted to your objectives, 4 hours of traditional cycling in 30 minutes on the Infrabike. 80% less weight thanks to weightlessness for easier exercise.

At Bodytec 4U, the Infrabike's abundant sweating reduces thigh pain by eliminating toxins more quickly.

The Infrabike is much more than just a piece of fitness equipment, it's a complete experience that turns your workout into an unforgettable experience all year round. No more frozen feet in winter, no more sunburned bodies in summer.

During your session, you can access the Multivison integrated entertainment system (Virtual Parcours, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and Internet).


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