Infrabike & Wonder®.

CHF 180.00

55-minute session.

Discover a revolution in fitness with our two innovative treatments: the Infrabike and the Wonder®.

The Infrabike offers you a 30-minute session that can help you burn up to 1300 calories, thanks to cutting-edge technology that optimises results while minimising fatigue. Specifically targeting problem areas such as the abdominals, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves, the Infrabike guarantees visible, long-lasting results. What's more, its powerful collagen lamp improves skin quality by stimulating elastin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and providing an immediate anti-ageing effect. You can also take advantage of the weightlessness effect to ease your efforts and eliminate toxins by sweating profusely.

As for Wonder®, a session of just 25 minutes is equivalent to more than 3 hours of intensive exercise. This revolutionary treatment simultaneously builds muscle in four areas of the body - arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks - while burning superficial fat. By combining these two treatments, you can achieve a 20% increase in muscle mass and a 20% reduction in body fat.


The combination of the Infrabike and the Wonder® offers a complete and unforgettable fitness experience. Enjoy the entertainment provided by the integrated Multivision system, and say goodbye to frozen feet in winter and sunburn in summer. Transform your body and your well-being today with these two revolutionary treatments.

During your session, you can access the Multivison integrated entertainment system (Virtual Parcours, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and Internet).


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